Valuation Services

Your business is your biggest asset, and when it’s going through a merger, a tax or liquidity filing, it demands a valuation process. In addition, different business transactions, filings, tax reporting, or dispute resolution need suitable valuation services. At SAAS, we provide you with high-quality valuation services with the help of our seasoned AA accountants who are valuation experts and can handle the most complex issues out there regarding valuation issues.

Our accounting expertise and a decade-long industry experience have trained us for any issues that might come your way. One of the main advantages you get in availing our premium services is the dedicated attention along with unlimited support.

Our tax accountants and valuation experts can help you brace your business from invasive tax authorities and investment bankers. In addition, consulting us for valuation services would help you avoid paying tax over your liquidity and other tax filings. We know the ins and outs of the tax industry, and we’re happy to help with an ethical valuation and providing high-quality services.

What to expect in a Valuation

By bringing together professionals with extensive valuation, technical accounting, financial reporting, tax, deal structuring, asset management, and industry expertise, we can offer you something that most others do not: an integrated valuation, accounting, tax, and business advisory model.

Our team is made up of veterans who know the industry structure and can assist with all your valuation requirements.

Valuation Packages & Features

Value measurement

We can help with robust value opinions to support your compliance and regulatory requirements:

  • Purchase price allocation
  • Tax valuations Impairment tests
  • Option valuation & financial instruments
  • Property, plant & equipment values
  • Business & equity valuations Dispute valuations

Assessing deal value

Your deals with other businesses need a professional valuation service touch with our offerings

  • Pre-deal business value (acquirer/ target)
  • Forecast analysis & value driver identification.
  • Financial risks & sensitivities
  • Synergy value
  • Model review
  • Transaction model advisory

Value analytics

Data is more critical than ever, and we can help you present your valuation to board members and investors for better corporate decisions.

  • Decision support and margin improvement through advanced value analytics
  • Investment appraisal & business case development
  • Project value
  • Portfolio reviews & capital management
  • Cost of capital analysis advanced financial modelling
  • Value of strategic options & real options valuation
  • Market, price & margin analytics
  • Sustainability value impacts

Additional Options

  1. Fairness Opinions/Independent value analysis on your target or investor companies
  2. Independent value of specific business units within a company (Carve out valuations)
  3. Pricing and negotiation support
  4. Valuation of unquoted companies/financial instruments

Features of Accounting Compilation

There are many features of compilation that may benefit businesses of all sizes. Some of these benefits are:

  • Transaction Advisory: Our transaction advisory services provide you with the best model testing, DCF, and LBO design. Moreover, we can also help with coordination analysis for M&A research, calculating your equity and debt models, pitch paper development of the pitch paper, knowledge memorandum, etc.
  • Audit Support: Experts in the business valuation industry encourage the auditing of models, effective platform pricing, fair value assessments, etc.
  • Start-up Valuations: This allows uncertain investors and emerging companies to manage stock control. If you're a start-up that needs equities in collecting funds, SAAS can help.
  • Portfolio Valuations: We also offer concentrated portfolio valuation. Your fixed-income assets, variants, side pockets, and investment funds can be complicated and SAAS has your back.

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